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Generate thousands of highly personalized videos from specific customer data,
a spreadsheet with product information in real time.

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+112x Conversion

Personalized video marketing perform up to 7x better than regular video, and up to 112x better than text content.

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Integrate videos into the most critical stages of your marketing & sales funnels.

No special tools or skills needed.

We create the personalized videos according to your goals.

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“Video content has helped increase our email marketing click-through rates by 2.57 X.”


Digital Manager at KeyTravel

When we started using Personalized Videos our CTR increased 112x and our Sales jumped to 80%.


CEO at Wideo


How To Engage With Your Landing Pages Leads
With Personalized Videos

Whether your landing page targets top of the funnel visitors with explainer video, or even existing customers as part of a nurturing campaign, personalized video can be a game changer. Videos that use data to address people by their name or specific needs go beyond traditional video to win people’s trust; and that deeper connection leaves a powerful impression. In fact, after we started using personalized video in our top landing page, conversions increased by 106%.

With personalized video, video marketing is innovating to better help marketers grow their businesses

 It’s also important to note that personalization technology is not just a strategy for large companies; there are also tools and resources for small and medium businesses to leverage it. Wideo’s new product, Matic, is designed to help businesses do just that.